Saturday, February 18, 2012

New to me...

So, this whole blogging thing is all new to me. Almost like learning a new language, which I have never been good at. With that being said, I am starting this blog because I like to pack fun lunches for my kids. I had the luxury of living in Okinawa, Japan for 4 years and loved every second of it. I found tons of supplies, ideas and creativity while living there. After our time in Okinawa, we moved to a whole different world, Montana. I decided to keep the culture in my children's lives and continue to bento for them, every now and then. My son, Bubs, started 1st grade this year, and I have done a decent job of taking pictures of his lunches. I used to post the pictures of facebook, but then I decided, maybe a blog would be a better idea (with a little nudge from a friend I have known since I was 12. Thanks Ben!).

I will post some of my better past bentos and then from here on out they will be all new ones. Bubs is halfway through 1st grade right now and Griddles is in daycare. I sometimes pack things for her on the weekends if we are going out and about.

Here goes nothing...

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