Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday's Lunch: Beautiful Weekend!

We had such an awesome weekend. We actually went camping. We decided against Canada for our weekend get away and decided to become one with nature. That is a pretty big deal if you know my kids. We attempted camping last summer and Griddles was a total train wreck. After dealing with her for a night in the wild, I told myself, "Self, I'm not going camping again until Griddles is out of the house."...That obviously didn't last. I love to camp, the husband loves to camp and Bubs loves to camp. So we made Griddles suck it up and come along. She. Was. Awesome! Here are some pictures of how we spent our weekend...

 *Griddles trying to catch a fish...didn't happen.

*Bubs trying to catch a fish...didn't happen either.

 *Me trying to catch a fish...didn't happen either.
No fish were caught, but fun was had and beautiful scenery was seen.

So this leads me to Bubs' lunch today. I wanted to use up all the leftovers from camping, so don't judge me that this isn't a totally nutritious and healthy lunch. It is camping food!

In this bento:
*Hot dog with mustard and ketchup
*Sun chips
*Carrots and ranch
*'Smore fixings (2 graham crackers, 2 mini chocolate squares, 1 marshmallow, no fire.)
*Juice box (not pictured)

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