Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thursday's Lunch: Hat Day!

10 days left of school...seriously...10 days? I cannot believe it! I feel like Bubs just started the first grade, and now I am about to have a second grader. This is going by waaaaaaaaaaay to fast, for reals! Apparently, for the rest of the days of school they are going to have something each day. Tomorrow so happens to be hat day. Bubs got a new hat when we went to Cabela's a few weekends ago and he is dead set on wearing that. What a little outdoorsy kid!

In this bento:

*Nutella and honey hat sandwiches (cowboy hat and baseball hat, the A on the baseball hat stands for the Athletics, which is Bubs' baseball team)
*Yogurt covered cranberries (in the penguin container)
*Sugar snap pea crisps
*The rest of the honeydew melon (he could eat this for every meal)
*Savory Trader Joe's crackers and a laughing cow cheese wedge

I'm still in shock about there only being 10 days left of school! Good thing we are going to have a fantastic summer!

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