Monday, September 3, 2012

Tuesday's Lunch: Not for MY kid

I'm not at home with my own kids right now, I'm visiting my family in the South. I am very lucky and because I miss my kids a lot, my niece demanded that I make her lunch. I couldn't say no because I don't get to make lunches for little girls, ever (or at least until Griddles goes to school).

Wheels is my niece (not her real name), she is 7 and in the same grade as Bubs. The best part about her...SHE IS SO FREAKING GIRLY!! I never realized how fun it is to do awesome girly lunches.

In this bento:

*2 mini potato roll turkey sandwiches with cheese flowers
*Cheese stick
*Angel tortillas (courtesy of her mom, my sister)
*Pirate Booty
*Fruit nuggets
*Mini ice cream marshmallows

And here is my beautiful girl and her lunch for tomorrow.

Let us all take bets to see if her mom keeps it up after I leave.


  1. How cute!!! I hope I have a girl next so I can make cute, girly bentos!!!!

  2. That's awesome!! So fun to get to do something different :D