Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wednesday's Lunch: Lego Ninjago

So, I was schooled in the wonderful world of Adventure Time. Another awesome bento mama, Jenn, let me know that my pathetic attempt at the sandwich yesterday was not Jake, but was in fact Finn. So my apologies to any Adventure Time fans out there.

As for tomorrow...the boy loved Lego Ninjago. To tell you the truth, Griddles loves it too. Here is my attempt at one of those characters, Zane. Zane is technically the white ninja, but Bubs won't eat white bread, so this is a Wheat Zane. Deal with it.

In this bento:
*Zane turkey and cheese sandwich
*Red grapes
*Snowpea Crisps
*Applesauce squeeze pouch

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