Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monday's Lunch: Onigiri!

When we lived in Okinawa, one of our favorite snacks was Onigiri. They are delicious rice balls, triangles, squares, whatever, that have a special filling treat inside. I could never read the wrappers at the store so I never knew what I would be getting, but still delicious! Except one time I bit into my Onigiri and it was some sort of fish/squid thing that juiced in my mouth. Wasn't expecting that one, yuck!

Bubs loved them too. I decided to make some for his lunches and freeze them for quick lunches when I'm being lazy.

I made about 2 dozen today, some have teriyaki chicken, others have teriyaki carrots or sugar snap peas inside.

In this bento:
*Star shaped Onigiri (I'm not really sure what is in this one, I think chicken)
*Mini pepperoni
*2 gyoza dumplings
*Red grapes
*Banana chips
*Chocolate dipped wafer cookie
*Juice box
*Strawberry Yoplait Greek yogurt
Have a good week!

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