Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekly Bentos: Lack of Paycheck

I decided to post weekly instead of daily. Not my style to get on the computer nightly and post. So I quit. I will post all the lunches for the week sometime during the weekend.

The Air Force thought it would be funny to not pay me my whole paycheck. I however, did not think it was funny. So grocery shopping was not a priority because I have other bills to pay pertaining to the minions, so we had some creative meals in the house. Therefore, Bubs' lunches leave a lot to be desired. My bad! I mean, Air Force's bad!

Monday's Lunch:
I posted this lunch in a separate past last week...I think.

Tuesday's Lunch:
Bubs had hot lunch at school. He picked burrito day.

Wednesday's Lunch/In this Bento:
*Crescent Roll
*Danimals Cruncher yogurt
*Leftover Good Stuff (Hamburger/Macaroni Skillet)
Thursday's Lunch/In this Bento:
*Del Monte Fruit Chillers
*Smart Puffs
*Homemade Pasta Salad
*Homemade quiche (made by my amazing friend Elizabeth) with a turkey pick
Friday's Lunch/In this Bento:
*Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (2 leafs stacked, 1 turkey)
*2 grape kabobs (Scarecrow and Turkey)
*Cheese cubes and mini pepperoni
*Smart Puffs
*Danimals crunchers
The Air Force finally paid me and this girl went to the grocery store!

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