Saturday, January 19, 2013

Week in Bentos

So, Bubs is back to having his stomach issues again. This time, it has been a lot worse than the last time and it came on really fast. I'm totally not a fan. So this week was experimenting with his bare with me...

Monday's Bento:
*Yogurt covered raisins
*Cheese stick and turkey pepperoni
*Whole Wheat bagel thin with turkey and cream cheese (cut in half and stacked)
*Red grapes
*Apple slices
He had a stomach ache from this lunch.

Tuesday's Bento:
*Chicken soup in the thermos
*Orange slices
*Yogurt covered raisins
*Fish shaped hardboiled egg
Wednesday the boy had hot lunch...bad idea, huge stomach ache!
Thursday's Bento:
*2 deviled eggs
*Ham and Turkey slices
*Red grapes
*Yogurt covered raisins
Friday's Bento:
*Spaghetti (made with gluten free noodles) in the thermos
*Orange slices
*Hardboiled egg
*Mini turkey pepperoni
*Gluten free crackers
*Laughing Cow cheese wedge
*Fruit Chiller
Looks like it is back to gluten free for Bubs. Oh well...we got this!

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