Thursday, March 28, 2013

Week in Bentos

Last week of school before spring break!!!!! I'm happy.

Monday's Bento:
*Schar gluten free mini "O" noodles with parmesan
*Homemade chicken tenders
*Ranch in the blue container
*2 Glutino oreo style cookies
Tuesday's Bento: 
*Homemade chicken tenders (Bubs begged for these again)
*Ranch in the yellow container
*Banana Cream pudding with star sprinkles
*Smart Puffs
Wednesday's Bento (Last day of school): 
*Bunny: peanut butter and jelly sandwich with marshmallow teeth) on Kinnikinick White GF Bread
*Rabbit food: veggie crisps straws
*Banana cream pudding with bunny sprinkles
*Easter egg filled with fruit snacks
Thursday's Bento (All day care program):
*Carrot: Peanut butter and honey sandwich on  Kinnikinick White GF Bread
*Banana cream pudding with easter egg sprinkles
*Carrot rounds and sugar snap peas with ranch in blue container
*Easter egg filled with fruit snacks

Finally it is spring break and I am off tomorrow...No lunch packed on Friday!!!


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