Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week in Bentos

I was majorly slacking in the food and creativity department this week. It was actually really pathetic.

My awesome friend from back home (Hi Emily!!) came to visit this week and she has Celiac Disease. She taught me so freaking much on gluten free foods, preparing them and helping me learn how to feed my kid. Before her, I thought I was doing a decent job, but since she was here, I now officially feel 100% positive we are doing the right thing for Bubs.

Thanks Em!!!!

Monday's Bento:
*Gluten free antipasto pasta salad
*Glutino style oreo cookie
*Turkey slices
Tuesday's Bento: 
*Cheeseburger patty w/ mashed potato hair...
sort of looks like George Washington or Shaft, can't decide
*Carrots with ranch
*Red grapes
*2 Trader Joe's gluten free snickerdoodle cookies
Wednesday's Bento: 
*Nut Thin cheddar crackers w/ pepperoni
*Yogurt covered Glutino pretzels
Thursday's Bento: 
*Gluten free cracker sandwich with turkey and cheese
*Chocolate covered Glutino Pretzels
*Smart Puffs
Friday's Bento: 
*Peanut butter and honey sandwich on Goodbye Gluten Bread
*Mini pepperoni
*Crunchmaster Crackers
*Laughing Cow cheese wedge
~*~My little Griddles turned 5 this week!!! Holy cow!!~*~

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