Friday, October 11, 2013

Week in Bentos

I don't really have anything witty to say, and the lunches aren't very witty either. However, Halloween is coming up and you know Halloween is my JAM! Hoping for some awesome ideas to pop into my head for my week of spooky lunches!

Monday's Bento:
*Banana pancake squares
*Syrup in the small containers
*Fruit snacks
*Reese's Chocolate cookie
*Red grapes
*Fruit Burst squeeze pouch
Tuesday's Bento:
*PB&J Sandwiches
*Annie's Cheddar bunny crackers
*Fruit snacks
*Red grapes
*Fruit burst squeeze pouch
Wednesday's Bento: 
*Ravioli in the thermos
*Ham rolls
*Red grapes
*Pirate's Booty
Thursday's Bento: 
*Meatball sub sandwiches
*Fruit Burst squeeze pouch
*Peanut butter with chocolate chips
*Apple slices
Friday's Bento:
Bubs requested hot lunch and Griddles didn't eat lunch, she came home sick
*Pizza bites
*Cheese Stick
*Pirate Booty
*Red Grapes
*Caramel bite
*Fruit Snacks
*Chocolate milk
~*~Have a great weekend!~*~

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