Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week in Bentos

A week of sickness in the house means a week of me being tired and unmotivated. My house is nasty, my kitchen is a train wreck, my attitude is terrible and my drive is shot. Hopefully next week will be better.

Monday's Bentos:
I don't even remember what was in their lunch and obviously it wasn't fabulous
cause there was no picture taken either.
Wow, I'm slacking this year!

Tuesday's Bentos:
*Jack-o-Lantern PB&J sandwiches
*Cheese cubes
*Red grapes
*Mini banana chocolate chip donut
*Yogurt with pumpkin and bat sprinkles
Wednesday's Bentos:
*Blueberry pancakes
*Red grapes
*Hardboiled egg
*How cute is that skull box?
My sister bought it for me and Ella couldn't wait to use it.
Thursday's Bentos:
*Pepperoni pizza rolls (homemade)
*Marinara sauce (in white container)
*Hardboiled egg
*Red grapes
*Half of a Fiber One granola bar
Friday's Bentos:
Bubs actually came home sick on Thursday with a stomach ache and didn't eat his lunch. 
Griddles wanted the same lunch as yesterday,
so she took Bubs' leftovers and I only had to pack one bento.
*Apple slices
*Peanut bytter
*Annie's fruit snacks
*4 pieces of California Roll
~*~Have a good weekend (or what is left of it)!~*~

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