Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week in Bentos

It has been quite the week my friends. Griddles has been having some serious stomach issues for almost a year. It was a lot like the issues her brother, Bubs, was having, except she couldn't go to the bathroom at all! Things got quite ugly around here with the bathroom issues.

She finally had an appointment with a Pediatric G.I. Specialist in a city about 3 hours away.  We went down there Monday night, spent the night, and had her appointment on Tuesday morning. A lot of good things came out of that appointment. We didn't get all our answers but we are on the right path now, I feel.

Needless to say, lunches around here are going to change, a lot. Not only will they be gluten free, but also dairy free now too. The Specialist seems to think that Griddles has an underlying dairy allergy. So here we go on a 3 week strict elimination diet to see what happens with the Griddles gut! Poor thing, the girl loves her dairy.

So, here is to the new diet, the new gut, and hopefully more bathroom use!

FYI: These lunches are prior to the new diet change.
Monday's Bentos:
*Tortilla wraps with cream cheese, lettuce and ham
*Vanilla yogurt
*Black berries
Tuesday's Bentos:
(This was Bubs' lunch, he did not go with us to the appointment. He stayed with my friend, and I totally forgot to take this over to her house for him, so Griddles ate it for a snack in the car on the way to the city her appointment was in. Thank you to my friend for packing Bubs a lunch!)
*Cheese slices
*Hardboiled egg
Wednesday's Bentos:
(The minions made their own lunches today and Griddles took the picture)
*Chicken slices
*NutThin crackers
*Half a hardboiled egg
*Fruit snacks
*Fruit Chillers
Thursday's Bentos:
(The minions packed their own lunches again and Griddles took the picture again)
*Ham and chicken slices
*NutThin crackers
*Laughing Cow cheese wedge
*Carrots with Ranch
*Fruit Snacks
*Granola Bars
*Juice Boxes
~*~Have a great weekend!~*~

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