Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week in Bentos...or 2...oops!

Oops. I didn't post for 2 weeks in a row. My bad!

In no particular order (only because I have no idea what lunch was for what day)....

Bentos #1:
*Tomato and Orzo Bisque (Bubs)
*Chicken Noodle Soup (Griddles)
*Coconut yogurt
*GF/DF cinnamon roll muffins
Bentos #2:
*Chicken wraps
*Fruit Snacks
*Raspberries (Bubs)
*Applesauce (Griddles)
*Energy Bites
Bentos #3:
*Bubs was Student of the Week, so I took him lunch on this day
*Leftover spaghetti
*Raspberry coconut yogurt
*Energy bites
Bentos #4:
*Peanut butter, Banana and honey wraps
*Coconut yogurt
*Hardboiled egg
Bentos #5:
*Valentines Day Wraps (peanut butter, banana and chocolate chips)
*Bear crackers
*Raspberry coconut yogurt with heart sprinkles
*Heart shaped energy bites
Bentos #6:
*Mini steak kabobs
*Sweet potato waffle fries
*Homemade DF (dairy free) Ranch (Griddles)
*Ketchup (Bubs)
*Red Grapes (Griddles)
*Raspberries (Bubs)
*Energy bites
Bentos #7:
*Courtesy of DAD
*Salami (Griddles)
*Vanilla coconut yogurt (Griddles)
*Strawberry yogurt (Bubs)
*Veggie Straws (not pictured)
Bentos #8:
*Half English Muffin with Peanut butter and bananas
*Bear crackers (Bubs)
*Metamucil wafer (Griddles, she didn't finish it that morning)
*Fruit snacks
*Raspberries (Bubs)
*Grapes (Griddles)
*DF ranch
Bentos #9:
Bubs didn't eat this lunch because he ended up staying him with yucky guts
*Turkey Keilbasa
*Half of a clementine
*Energy bite
*Raspberries (Bubs)
*Grapes (Griddles)
~*~Have a great week! I promise I will be better about posting...hopefully!~*~


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