Monday, March 10, 2014

Week in Bentos: Dr. Seuss & More

Late usual...sorry!

Bentos #1:
~*~Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss~*~
*Dr. Seuss PB&J sammies
*Truffala Trees (Sushi for Bubs, Smoked salmon for Griddles)
*Cucumber trunks
*Strawberry and Banana hats (Cat in the hat)
Bentos #2:
*Half salami sandwich
*Diced pepperoni
*Fruit snacks
Bentos #3:
*Leftover Taco Pie
*Diced apples
*Coconut yogurt
*Half of an Enjoy Life choco bar
Bentos #4:
*Egg salad (Sammie for Bubs, Crackers for Griddles)
*Diced strawberries
Bentos #5:
*Mini bagels (DF cream cheese for Griddles)
*Fruit snacks
*Half of an Enjoy Life caramel apple bar
*Mandarin oranges
~*~Have a good week!~*~

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