Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week in Bentos...Or 2, oops!

Bentos #1
*PB&J mini sandwiches
*Blackberries (Bubs)
*Red grapes (Griddles)
*Strawberry yogurt (Bubs)
*Applesauce (Griddles)
*EnjoyLife Snicker doodle cookies

Bentos #2
*Mini GF/DF pancakes
*Sausage patty
*Maple syrup in container
Bentos #3
*Griddles' doc wants us to reintroduce dairy into her diet,
and in 2 weeks start a gluten free trial run. Fun.
*Ham and cream cheese English muffin sandwiches
*EnjoyLife Snicker doodle cookie
*Strawberry (Bubs)
*Red grapes (Griddles)
Bentos #4
*Laughing Cow cheese wedge
*Strawberry (Bubs)
*Red grapes (Griddles)
Bentos #5
*Fruit salad
*Sweet potato fries
*Chili dogs
Bentos #6 
*Meatballs with marinara sauce
*Banana chocolate chip muffin
*Mandarin oranges
Bentos #7 
*Salami sandwich on homemade GF bread (Griddles)
*Ham sandwich on homemade GF bread (Bubs)
*Mandarin oranges
*Ritz (Griddles)
*Cheddar bunny mix (Bubs)
Bentos #8
*Leftover homemade GF Hamburger Helper
*Veggie Straws
*Red Grapes (Griddles)
*Raspberries (Bubs)
Bentos #9
*Leftover burritos (Dinner the night before)
*Fried apple slices
~*~Have a great week!~*~

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