Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Week in Bentos

The school year is almost over!! I'm sure on excited mom. I need a break from packing lunches. I have packed over 285 lunches this year. By the time the school year is completely done, that number will be over 300. I'm spent!
Bentos #1:
*Strawberry muffins
*Mandarin oranges
*GF Oreo style cookie
*Sugar snap peas with ranch
Bentos #2: 
*Half chicken and cheese sandwich
*Oreo style cookie
*Caramel mini rice cakes
Bentos #3: 
*Half peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich
*Oreo style cookie
Bentos #4: 
*Homemade banana bread
*Sugar snap peas
Bentos #5: 
*Leftover Spaghetti Pie
*Cesar salad with croutons
*Oreo style cookie
~*~Have a great week!~*~

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