Sunday, December 14, 2014

Week in Bentos

Monday's Bentos:
This lunch was so lame that I didn't even take a picture of it.
I think it was leftover pizza. Pathetic, right?
Tuesday's Bentos:
*Roast beef sammies
*Fried apples
*Fruit snacks
*Homemade peppermint bark
Wednesday's Bentos: 
*Marinara meatballs (in thermos, not pictured)
*Fruit snacks
*'Smore goldfish
*Peppermint bark
Thursday's Bentos: 
*Sammies (Turkey for Bubs, Salami for Griddles)
*Grape tomatoes (Griddles won't touch them, for sure)
*Yogurt (Bubs)
*Applesauce (Griddles)
Friday's Bentos:
They packed their own lunches today
*Salami sammie
*Mini blueberry muffins
*Cheese cubes
*Fried apple slices
*Granola bar
~*~Have a great weekend!~*~

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