Monday, February 20, 2012

Picnic at the...gym?

Baby it's cold outside! Bubs contracted what felt like the plague yesterday for about the third time. We were cooped up in the house all day yesterday and I think little sister was going to go freaking nuts. So I promised the chitlins if Bubs was feeling better today that I would take them to the park. Unfortunately, we live in what is probably the windiest city ever, next to Chicago and it was way too cold outside for a park picnic. Instead...we went to the indoor play area at the gym that one of the base commanders so geniously created a few years back, so we didn't have to subject our children to McDonald's just to go to the Mcplayarea or whatever it is called.

The wee ones decided they wanted to have lunch there as well. Hence this post...

In these bentos:
*Half a peanut butter and honey sandwich thin
*Pear slices
*String cheese chunks
*Fruit Snacks
(Bubs had Thomas and Griddles has Nemo) 
*Juice Boxes

 Packed in:
*"CinderBella" and Spongebob Squarepants
sandwich containers from Tupperware.

I even had a bento, although mine is not as cute. I know this picture is sideways, it is saved on my computer as the right way, but the blog is uploading it sideways. I told you I wouldn't be good at this.

In this bento:
*Sandwich thin with laughing cow cheese wedge,
tomatoes, and sprouts
*The other half of the kid's pear
*Fruit leather

It was Griddles' turn to carry the bentos, so she picked out her princess lunchbox to carry them in. All three bentos and the two juice boxes fit in here. She said, "Mama, this is a little heavy for my small muscles." Being the mom that I am, my response, "Suck it up sister! You wanted to carry them." it worked.

*Princess Lunchbox, top part holds all three bentos and
 a bottom pocket fits both juice boxes perfectly.

*Here is Griddles using her muscles!
On a side note:
They really do love each other, I promise.
My house just might not sound like it all the time
with the screaming.

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