Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday's Lunch: So glad this week is over!

IT'S FRIDAY!!!! I am thrilled it is the weekend. The boys (Bubs and his dad) are headed camping this weekend for Scouts. That means, it is just Griddles and I for a girls weekend! Wahoo!

Bubs has been begging for noodles for lunch for a couple of days now. By noodles he means double noodle soup. You heard me...the canned stuff. Yuck! But he loves it, so he has it for lunch.

In this Bento:
*Thermos of double noodle soup
*Mini turkey pepperoni
*Slice of provolone cheese, rolled-up
*Mandarin oranges and Pineapple mixed together
*Juice box

Packed in:
*Toy Story Thermos, Toy Story ZAP icepack container
and silverware thingy from Old Navy

*I love this container. Especially when he takes a thermos. I don't have to put the icepack in the lunchbox and counteract the thermos. The icepack sits inside the container, on a ridge right on top of the food. Very Handy!

*I know it looks like a lot of stuff, but it fits perfectly in his bag.
Another reason why I love this lunch bag.

I have also been told that apparently I have hurt the husband's ego for not mentioning him on the blog. Totally not naming names as to who told me that, is a shout out to the man and a picture of his lunch that I packed for him, (I pack him a lunch and dinner every other day for his 24 hour shift):

It may not look as cute as Bubs, but it was freaking fantastic for dinner!

In this "bento":
*2 Picadillo stuffed egg rolls
*Rice cooked in chicken broth
mixed with garlic and sauteed spinach

Packed in:
*Some ghetto Tupperware that we had in the cabinet.

Have a great weekend!

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