Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's Lunch: Camp Out (So pathetic)

Please do not judge...this totally did not turn out how I wanted it to.

I had this vision of a cute tent sandwich (which I cannot cut out apparently), camp fire cheese with carrot logs (I have no carrots), 'smore treats (I have no graham crackers), etc. That did not happen at all!

Unfortunately, what you see in your head is not always that easy to create with food in a lunch box. Oh well, he will eat it anyway. Or at least he better!
The reason for this bento is because Bubs and his dad went camping with his cub scout pack this weekend. He was so excited about it and talked about it all week. Kind of drove me a little nuts. They had a fun filled weekend of tying knots, starting fires, hiking, first aid, animal tracking, playing games, and doing manly things. Afterall, he did tell me he didn't need a stuffed animal because he is a man.

I tried...
In this bento:
*Attempted tent peanut butter and nutella sandwich
*Attempted cheese fire
*Brownie with the word "Camp" on it...smooshed
*Marshmellow (it wouldn't be a camp out with at least one ingredient for a 'smore)
*Yogurt with a camp fire (I'm actually ok with this one, turned out good)
*Juice box
Packed in:
*Spongebob Squarepants sandwich container and
small round snack container from Tupperware.

Unfortunately, he had a little too much fun this weekend and came home sick. Dad said he had "garbage gut" on Saturday night and decided to eat a ton of crap. In turn, Sunday morning the pukes started and continued until last night. Needless to say, Bubs stayed home from school today. He did eat the sandwich, grapes, and pepperoni, but stayed away from the dairy and sweets. What a smart kid!

On a side note, I received a ton of questions about the Toy Story icepack container that I used the other day. The company is Zak! and the container is actually called a Zak! ChillPack. I purchased mine at the Base Exchange, however I have seen them at Target and also online. Bubs has the Toy Story Snack Container and Griddles has the Disney Princess (how fitting) snack container as well as the sandwhich container. They are awesome!

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