Monday, February 27, 2012

Tuesday's Lunch: Cape Cod Memories

I was way super excited to use some of the new bento stuff that my friend sent me, so I made Tuesday's lunch a little early and am posting it now.

Last summer we got the opportunity to spend two weeks visiting my mom and step-dad on Cape Cod in MA. Not only were my mom and dad there, but my siblings, their significant others and children were all there too. It was a serious family reunion. There were 15 of us in one house, and it was oh so much fun.

If you know me, then you know how I am. Take that and multiply it by 100 and that is how my family is. Loud, obnoxious, loud, hilarious, loud, exciting, and did I mention loud? That describes the family to a T. I love every second of it, and so do the kids.

Part of our summer vacation to the Cape involved eating a lot of seafood...Lobster Rolls to be exact.

Now that we live in Montana, lobster is not something that we can eat, and if we do, it is frozen and not very good. But we do have an abundance of imitation crab (ha!). So that is how we roll...crab roll!

In this bento:
*1/2 a "crab" roll (leftovers from dinner)
*Mac and cheese w/ broccoli (leftovers from dinner)
*Slices of white cheddar cheese
*Juice Box
*Snack Bento: Toy Story Fruit Snacks and Honey Nut Cheerios

Packed in:
*Green plaid bento from Okinawa (purchased by my friend),
and a small bear snack container from Okinawa.
Oh and can't forget the awesome silverware thing from Old Navy.

All packed up and ready to go!
Bubs is pretty excited about the bear snack container.

Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to buy me 4 plane tickets to Cape Cod so I can see my family as well as enjoy a REAL lobster roll...I won't argue. Just saying.

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  1. I am a giant fan of this bento. Partly because I'm from Massachusetts and partly because I sent you the stuff. LMAO!! Ive been using leftovers from dinner too. He doesnt mind eating cold mac and cheese? Tomorrow L will be eating cold speghetti, we'll see how it goes!