Monday, February 27, 2012

Mail Love!

After having kind of a rough day today at work, I came home on my lunch break and had a pretty red, white and blue flat-rate priority box in my mailbox. If people saw me they make think that I am crazy because I was literally dancing at the mailbox like a little kid that was about to pee themselves because I was so excited!

My friend Lindsey M. lives in Okinawa...lucky! Anyway, I met her about 6 years ago when we still lived there. We have kept in touch ever since they moved to Florida and we moved here to Montana, and she moved back to Okinawa (a lot of moving around with the military). She was so awesome and sent me a huge box of bento love! She went above and beyond and spoiled me rotten, which in turns spoils my chitlins.

Included in the box (left to right):
*Knife Pen
*Icing pens
*Elastic bento bands
*Sandwhich cutter
*Pig, frog and bear mini containers
*1 Frog and 1 Pig bento box
*Silicone cups
*Nori punches
*Girly picks and animal picks
*1 green plaid, 1 pink plaid bento
*2 Strawberry bento boxes (my favorite!)
*Disposable mini bentos

Thank you Lindsey, you are so awesome! You really made my day better, seriously! It was like a huge hug in a box!

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  1. Aw shucks! Im glad you like everything. The kids and I had a blast shopping for the bentos. Ive started to make a few myself. I love seeing all of your new creations and Im happy to feed the addiction!! BAHAHA!