Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friday's Lunch: End of the Quarter

Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow is also the end of the quarter at Bubs school, so he has an early out, which means he gets out 2 hours early and gets to spend a fun afternoon with his dad because he is off. Sadly, I have to work. Tomorrow is also the husband's and my anniversary...8 years! Woah...that is crazy!

In this bento:
*Cheese cubes
*Gluten free pumpkin muffin
*Diced rosemary and balsamic chicken
*Juice Box
School Snack:
*Veggie Chips
*2 gluten free chocolate sandwich cookies
After School Snack:
*Pirate's Booty
*Enjoy Life caramel apple granola bar

I'm just glad it is the weekend! Short week for Bubs next week. Last day of school on Wednesday and then Spring Break!

Have a good weekend.

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