Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monday's Lunch: You came too soon!

Really, it is already Monday? This weekend went by waaaaaaaay to fast. It was a good weekend, and I didn't do a single load of laundry. That is how you know it is a good weekend.

Short week this week. Bubs has 3 days of school and then spring break. Wahoo! There will be a few lunches thrown into the spring break. Bubs is spending Friday with his friend since the hubs and I have to work, and as payment to his friend's mom for dealing with the horror of two 7 year old boys, I promised I would make her son a lunch too. He is also going to an all day program on Tuesday of next week. Other than that, he will be with the husband of me.

In this bento:
*Squeezable apple strawberry fruit thingy
*Half Udi's gluten free bagel with cream cheese and chicken
*EnviroKidz fruity crispy bar
*Veggie Chips
*Orange segments
*Juice Box
School Snack:
*EnviroKidz peanut butter cereal with mini EnjoyLife chocolate chip cookies
After School Snack:
*Annie's fruit snacks
*Gluten free granola bar

Went shopping at the health food store on Saturday to get some things for the next two weeks that Bubs can eat...I had 2 bags of stuff, spent $96! I told Bubs that he is entirely too expensive. His response, "Yup, I'm worth it!"

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