Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wednesday's Lunch: Panda Express

Well, Bubs has his doctor's appointment today. Poor kid is severely backed up, if you know what I mean. They think it is caused by gluten, which is what I was thinking from the beginning. So, he has to drink this crap for 3 days, and then some different crap for 30 days. Once he finishes those drinks he goes back to the doctor. For the time being he stays on the gluten free diet, and we will address that issue once his body is cleared out.

The doc showed me his x-ray, and we could see it all the way under his ribs. Talk about BACKED UP! Ouch.

So this means, packing lunch every day, packing snack for school as well as his after school program too. So enjoy the next 30 days of lots of gluten free food.

In this bento:
*Top Tier of Panda:
*2 Gluten free chocolate chip cookies
*Bottom Tier:
*Chicken and apple sausage (with airplane pick for eat with)
*Juice box
*Veggie chips
*School snack: BBQ Pop Chips
*After school snack: Pirate's Booty and Enjoy Life chocolate bar

Packed in: 
*Lunch: Panda 2 tiered bento,
held together with elastic eyebrow strap,
bought from I have no idea where
*School snack: Shinkinger bento
*After school snack: Green plaid bento

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  1. another great lookin' lunch :)
    wow - so sorry to hear he was THAT sick and backup. hope the medicine and diet help!!