Monday, March 5, 2012

Tuesday's Lunch: No Creative Title...Sorry

Tuesday's lunch is not that creative, but it has everything that Bubs wanted to eat. He has always been a really good eater. I chalk it up to living in Okinawa, and making him have at least one bite of everything. Because of that, the kid will eat squid, eel, pretty much anything he can get his hands on, except for tomatoes. The tomato thing he gets from his dad...along with his looks.

In this bento:

*Ham and provolone sandwich on brown rice flour bread
*Ranch dressing (in blue container)
*Juice Box
*Snack: Veggie Chips (his new favorite thing)

Packed in: 
*Spiderman container, bought at BX
*Frog Bento, from Okinawa (held together with elastic strap)
*Shinkinger bento from Okinawa

An awesome blogger mom, Keeley McGuire, is pretty much going through the same stomach issues with her daughter that we are with Bubs. She has been a lot of help and a big inspiration with ideas on what to feel him. She even goes the extra mile and shares what her daughter eats for breakfast, lunch (of course), snack and dinner. Thanks for the help Keeley!

P.S. Dr. Appointment tomorrow for Bubs. I'm ready, he is ready....bring it!


  1. Wow, thanks for the shout out! :)
    Glad I could help too!!

    It's awesome that your little man is such a good eater - eel, squid, wow!

    May I ask, what kind of bread (brand) is that? I looks just like regular bread which is awesome!

    1. Keeley, it is called Ener-G bread. I bought it at Smith's which is our Kroger. Here is the link to the brand: Bubs seems to really like it. I tried a tiny piece, the flavor is normal to me, but the texture is more dense than normal bread.