Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wednesday's Lunch: Weird Combo

Tuesday nights are always busy for us. With work, picking the kids up from school, trying to get dinner on the table, out the door to Cub Scouts, then back and in bed, finding time to pack lunch is not really easy. And not having gone to the grocery store makes it a little more difficult. Next weeks lunch will be much better, Bubs and I are going to spend Saturday baking, be scared!

This lunch was thrown together with stuff we had in the pantry and fridge, it isn't great, but Bubs will eat it.

In this Bento:

School Snack:
*Gluten free cheetos (I think they are nasty, but Bubs loves them)
*Annie's bunny fruit snacks
*Yogurt with spring animal sprinkles
*Mini Hershey's chocolate bar
*Gluten free pancake, peanut butter and honey sandwich
*Ham and cheese sushi
*Juice Box
After School Snack:
*3 caramel swirl marshmallows
*Pirates Booty

Packed in:

School Snack:
*New middle size skull bento box
*Dip container
After School Snack:
*Green plaid bento box

Happy Wednesday!

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