Monday, March 19, 2012

Tuesday's Lunch: Batter Up!

Bubs is gearing up for baseball season and he is so stinking excited! It starts in April, and he has been talking about it like it is going to start tomorrow. Afterall, he did tell me today that tomorrow is the first day of spring, therefore it should be sunny and baseball should start. He obviously did not pay attention to the 6 plus inches of snow that is on the ground from last night.

In this Bento:

School Snack:
*Gluten free pancake and peanut butter sandwich
*Annie's bunny fruit snacks
*Mini pepperonis
*Gluten free chocolate cookie
*Yogurt with orange sprinkles
*String cheese
*Gluten free peanut butter and jelly sandwich (I can't cut this bread into fun shapes because the slices are too small)
*Marshmallow baseballs
*Juice box
After School Snack:
*Gluten free granola bar

Packed in:

We received some new Bento Boxes in the mail today! I was so excited about them. I'm sure you can tell by the background of this blog that I really like skulls. If you know me, you know I'm not morbid or weird (some might think otherwise), I just really like them for some reason. So anyway, of course my kid likes them too, except he thinks more along the lines of piratey skulls. So he picked out these boxes. It came in a set of 4, they all stack into each other (think Russian nesting dolls), each one has a different pattern of skulls. We used the largest and smallest for his Tuesday lunch.

School Snack:
*Smallest skull box
*Largest skull box

We purchased them off of Ebay, however they were shipped from Japan.

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