Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monday's Lunch: Happy

Monday...again...seriously? Didn't I just see you last week? I'm already over it.
This week will hopefully go fast. Tuesday is scouts for Bubs, Wednesday is Griddles' 4th birthday (holy cow, 4 already?), Thursday is gymnastics for Griddles and then Friday I'm taking the day off of work (wahoo!) and we are headed to Canada for the weekend to celebrate Grid's birthday as a family. Excited to get away for the weekend. My excitement shows in this lunch, smiley eggs!

In this bento:
*Petite carrots w/ ranch center
*White cheddar and colby jack cheese bear heads
*MilkBite peanut butter granola bar (they are new, this is his first time trying them)
*Hardboiled egg, cut in half with pepperoni faces (how stinking cute are those?)
*Kiwi slices
*Juice box (not pictured)

Everything is packed up nicely in our new EasyLunchBox and we are still loving!

F.Y.I. I stopped taking pictures of his school snacks cause they are BORING!

Have a good Monday.

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