Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday's Lunch: Times 2 (For Griddles and Bubs)

Despite longing for sleep, I promised the chitlins I would take them to the park this afternoon. After the park we are headed to see the movie Hugo on the base for free. Can't beat a free movie to stay entertained.
Griddles and Bubs asked if I could make them a "creative" lunch before we headed off to the park. Hey, if a creative lunch gets them to eat healthy stuff, I'm game. Both of their bentos are the exact same.

In these bentos:
*Fiber One low-fat cottage cheese
*Petite carrots with ranch dressing
*Mini blueberry muffin
*Grapple slices
*1 slice of white cheddar cheese cut into 4s
*Chicken lunch meat rolled up
*Milk (not pictured)


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