Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thursday's Lunch: Courtesy of Bubs

My sisters we awesome enough to go to Trader Joe's back home in North Carolina and pick up some fun snacks and food for Bubs. I live in Montana and they aren't cool enough or up with the times to get a Trader Joe's. It is like my most favorite store ever, and I can't shop there. So sad! But with cool sisters like mine, you can get a box in the mail full of TJ goodies.

Bubs picked out everything in his lunch and even made his own sandwich. I will describe the sandwich for you, in his exact words, "It is a baseball...but really colorful...right? I mean, it kind of looks like a bseball. Or maybe it is the Earth...or maybe I just made a beach ball. No, it is the, it is a glob of colors." Love him!

In this bento:

School Lunch:
*Juice Box
*Petite carrots with ranch in the yellow container
*Mini Savory crackers (Trader Joes) with laughing cow cheese wedge
*Mini peanut butter cups (Trader Joes) and Pina Colada mallow bites
*Yogurt with sprinkles
*Baseball/Earth/Beach Ball/Blog peanut butter and apple jelly sandwich
School Snack:
*Peanut butter cookie Larabar

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