Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wednesday's Lunch: Back to normal

Spring Break is O-V-E-R!

I was so excited to pack this lunch because I didn't have to worry about being gluten free!!! I took Bubs back to the doctor on Thursday for a follow-up appointment. He is all cleared out! He needs to stay on his medicine for a long time to keep him cleared out, and he needs to take fiber gummies for probably a long time as well. But gluten was not the culprit, however, it did help clear him out. If he gets backed up again, we will have to limit his gluten again. I'm so happy we don't have to do gluten free anymore, it was not easy. Kudos to those that have to do it all the time. I honestly feel terrible for those people with celiac or an intolerance. NOT FUN!

In this bento:
*Chicken and laughing cow cheese wedge sandwich on whole wheat bread
*3 Muenster cheese stars
*Hard boiled egg, left over from Easter
*Veggie chips
*2 Oreos (these are gluten free, left overs)
*Applesauce pouch
*Juice box
School Snack:
*EnviroKidz crispy rice bar with fruit
(these are gluten free too, but the kids loved them even before the whole gluten free adventure)

Now that we don't have to watch his diet, I do not have to pack him an after school snack. He can eat what his before/after school program gives him.

I think my wallet is thanking Bubs right about now for getting better.

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