Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday's Lunch, Dinner and Thursday's Lunch: Way late, oh well

Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! That is how life has been lately in our house. I promise the boy has been eating though. In fact, today when he was getting in the car after school he said, "Oh my legs hurt!". I asked him what happened, like if he fell at recess or if something happened, he replied saying, "No, my bones hurt!" I had to explain to him about growing pains and what it meant. His eyes lit up with the possibility of getting taller. SO CUTE!

Wednesday's Lunch Bento: 
*Vanilla yogurt with mixed berry jam dollop
*Laughing cow cheese wedge
*Large pepperoni
*Fruit leather
*3 mini blueberry muffins
*2 pina colada marshmallow bites
*Juice Box (not pictures)

Tuesday was the craziest for us. Husband was working his 24 hour shift, that always throws us for a loop when there is after school/work stuff going on, and of course we had double the junk to do. Bubs had baseball practice at 5:30 and then scouts at 6:30. Griddles and I ate dinner at practice and then Bubs ate in the car on the way to scouts. I told you crazy!

Wednesday's Dinner:
The Kids' Dinner:
*Potato chips
*Fruit Snacks
*1 marshmallow
*Carrots w/ ranch
*Black bean and rice burritos and sour cream dip

My Dinner:
*1/2 a roast beef sandwich
*Snap peas w/ ranch dip
*Corn scoop chips

Finally, lunch for tomorrow: 
*Mini chicken sandwich
*Diced pepperoni
*Colby Jack cheese stick cut in half
*Yogurt with mixed berry jam dollop
*Juice box (not pictured)

The end. 

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  1. love the dinners on the go packed in the EasyLunchBoxes :)

    little miss loves muffins in her lunch too - yum yum!!