Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday's Lunch: WAY late

Way late. My bad. I went to bed instead of posting the blog. It happens.

In this bento:

*Ham and Muenster cheese roll-ups (pinned with a lion, pig and giraffe picks)
*Strawberry owl face
*Cesear sugar snap pea crisps
*Yogurt covered cranberries
*Banana Nutella bread

F.Y.I. The Banana Nutella bread is out of this world! I don't bake, I think we have discussed that, but I made this bread, from scratch, and I love myself for it!!! I found the recipe over at Slender Kitchen. Make it, eat it, love it...and thank me later for sharing the recipe, and then thank Kristen at Slender Kitchen because she created the recipe and it isn't terrible for you.

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