Monday, May 21, 2012

Tuesday's Lunch: Courtesy of Bubs Himself

Bubs picked out everything in this lunch. He even made the sandwich and used a sandwich press to cut it. He just asked that I put it in the boxes. He wanted to take a lunchbox that he has had for years, he took it to preschool with him back in Japan. He likes the lunchbox because his "Bah" (my mom) gave it to him. We had to use these bento boxes to fit his food because the lunchbox is narrow. Anyway, enough with the rambling...

In these bentos:

*Carrots w/ ranch
*Banana Nutella Bread
*Red sweet pepper
*Nutella and honey sandwich triangles, stacked on top of each other
*White cheddar cheese slices
*Alien shaped honeydew melon

All packed up! I love these boxes.

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