Monday, May 7, 2012

Tuesday's Lunch: Batter Up!

Bub's has his very first baseball game tomorrow and he is a stoked as the night before Christmas. So of course, in my style, he gets a baseball lunch. I know I have done a baseball lunch before, but this is a special occasion. My friend Melissa dropped by the other day, she knows my obsession with bentos and making lunch. She brought me a baseball mitt cookie cutter that is so cute! Of course I had to use it.

In this bento:

*Mini turkey pepperoni (probably his favorite thing to ever have in his lunch)
*Slice of muenster cheese rolled and pinned with a white ball pick
*Mini sweet red pepper
*4 Trader Joe's fruit jellies
*Baseball marshmallow
*Home run peanut butter and nutella baseball mitt sandwich

Let's go Athletics!!!!

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