Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wednesday's Lunch; Rowley!

The third installment of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid lunch series. This time we have Rowley. I'm pretty sure I would be sick of sandwiches by now, but Bubs insists he loves them and is perfectly happy with them. I have to admit this sandwich was made with the help of the husband...specifically Rowley's teeth, that was his idea.

In this bento:
*Peanut butter and Apple jelly Rowley sandwich with a marshmallow bit cut in half for the teeth
*Puffins cereal
*Fruit jelly square thingies from Trader Joes
*Pineapple chunks
*Babybel "Safety Patrol Vest" cheese with mini pepperoni hidden under it
*2 mini blueberry muffins

The week is half way over!!

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  1. Love all your DWK lunches. We're a fan too. I am now a follower!