Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week in Bentos

I know it is only Wednesday and I am posting the weekly bentos. I packed all the way through Friday. I'm going to be gone all day tomorrow, for reasons I will explain later. Not sure what time I will be home tomorrow, so I figured I would just get lunch packing out of the way tonight.

The house is finally over the stomach bug. Luckily Griddles didn't get the bug and neither did I. It was just the boy that suffered. So now we are on to battling the attitudes. 8 year olds and 4 year olds do not mesh well. Maybe it is just my 8 year old and 4 year old. Yesterday's fight was over oxygen. 30 minutes after that fight they were asleep together in the same bed. I'm at a loss...oh well, I was just thankful for QUIET!

Monday's Bento:
*Christmas tree peanut butter and Nutella sandwich (candy cane sandwich hidden underneath)
*Star shaped hard boiled egg
*2 energy bites
*Red grapes
*Mini Ritz cheddar sandwich crackers
*Del Monte Fruit Chillers
Tuesday's Bento:
*Ham, Cheese and Ranch tortilla wraps (2 stacked on top of each other)
*Red Grapes
*Baby Carrots
*Energy bites
*Heart shaped hard boiled egg
*Cake Batter cookie
Wednesday's Bento:
*Ham and cheese sandwich on a pretzel roll
*Red grapes
*Energy bites
*2 Trader Joe's fruit gummies
*Colby Jack cheese cubes
*Cheddar muffin bite
*Danimal Crunchers
Thursday's Bento:
*2 Penguin sandwiches (PB Crave, Cookie Nookie flavor. If you haven't tried PB Crave, do it...amazing!)
*Red grape kabobs
*Seaweed bite snacks
*Penguin Munster cheese with turkey pepperoni
*2 Trader Joe's fruit gummies
*Carrots with ranch
Friday's Bento:
*4 mini pancake sandwiches (PB Crave, Choco Banana flavor), stacked
*Veggie Wheat Crisps with Laughing Cow cheese wedge
*Carrots with Ranch
*Danimal Crunchers
*Red Grapes

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