Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Week of Bento's: Short Week

Bubs only had 2 days of school and then 1 day of all day care because I had to work.  He even had hot lunch on Tuesday. He had originally picked Monday but he had the nasty guts all weekend, so I wanted to play it safe.

Tuesday's Bento:
*Football jersey peanut butter and honey sandwich
*The scraps from the sandwich cut into cubes
*Cheese circles, Salami and Wheat Thin Veggie Crisps
*Red grapes
*2 mini energy bites
Wednesday's Bento:
(forgot to take a picture when I made it, so snapped a quick one this morning before putting it in his lunchbox)
*2 onigiri (one has teriyaki chicken, one is teriyaki veggies)
*Red grapes
*2 gyoza with small container of soy sauce
*4 small heart shaped energy bites
*2 chocolate dipped wafer cookies
*2 Trader Joe's gummy fruit squares

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