Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week in Bentos - Short week

Only 2 lunches last week. We went on a trip to Arizona to visit my parents. It was great, but cold. We left Montana to get out of the cold and get to Arizona...the desert...and it is cold. Not cool!!

Anyway, we arrived home last Wednesday night, so only Thursday and Friday lunches are here.

Thursday's Bento:
This was more of a "Holy crap we just arrived home, it is late, I need to pack a lunch and we have NO food in the house."...basically a crap lunch!

*Chocolate chip and peanut butter gluten free muffin
*Sugar snap peas
*Mini turkey pepperoni
*Cheese squares
*Chocolate wafer gluten free cookies
*Ranch (in white container)
*Carrot sticks
*Gluten free mushroom and pepperoni pizza
(I had packed this in our airplane food that didn't get eaten)

Friday's Bento:
(I went to the store first thing Thursday morning before work...I mean seriously, the fridge was pathetic)

*Swedish Fish
*Orange slices
(fresh from the orange patch in Arizona, you'll be seeing a lot of oranges, my dad sent me a 40 lbs. box from scurvy in this house!)
*Chicken and caramelized onion meatballs
*Cucumber slices
*Marinara sauce for the meatballs

Next week will be better, I promise!

~*~Have a good weekend and thanks to the Presidents for giving me a day off of work right after coming back from vacation!~*~

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