Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week in Bentos

Nothing witty or exciting to say...

Tuesday's Bento:

*Pepperoni sandwiches made with gluten free Chebe Cheese Bread
*Fruit snacks
*Carrots with Ranch
*Trader Joes gluten free Snickerdoodle cookie

Wednesday's Bento:
*Chebe Cheese Bread
*Energy bites
*Carrot sticks
*Leftover spaghetti

Thursday's Bento:
*Orange slices
*Peanut butter and banana sandwich on Rudi's gluten free multi-grain bread
*Salad with ranch dressing on blue container
*Vanilla yogurt with sprinkles
Friday's Bento: 

*Apple chunks
*Peanut butter with Enjoy Life chocolate chip smiley face
*Energy bite
*Homemade gluten free mac and cheese with Aidells apple chicken sausage slices

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