Friday, September 27, 2013

Week in Bentos

I'm really batting a thousand this week...I'll leave it at that.

Monday's Bentos:
Oops! Forgot to take a picture of their lunches. 
I do remember they had pizza roll-ups
(small tortillas with pizza sauce, pepperoni and melted cheese, then rolled up like a burrito).
That is all  I can remember.

Tuesday's Bentos:
*Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
(Bubs has Dinos, Griddles has Hearts)
*Cheese stick
*Fruit Snacks
*Mandarin oranges
Wednesday's Bento:
*Griddles was student of the week so I got to have lunch with her. She requested Subway.
*Macaroni and Cheese
Thursday's Bentos:
*No lunches, the kids actually wanted to have hot lunch. 
After school Griddles begged for cold lunch.
Friday's Bentos:
These are brought to you by the letters D-A-D
*Turkey and cheese sandwiches cut into a fire fighter and a hydrant
*Fruit snacks
*Bagel chips
*Broccoli, sugar snap peas and carrots
*Ranch dressing
~*~Have a good weekend!~*~

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