Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week in Bentos

Working on week 3 of this sinus infection...awesome! I'm living though, and the kids are eating, so everything is alright.
Monday's Bentos:
 *Jamon Rollitos (ham rolls)
*Green grapes
*Biscotti cut into 4s and shared between the 2 of them
*Yogurt covered raisins
 Tuesday's Bentos:
*Corn and potato chowder (in thermos)
*Slice of French bread
*Green grapes
*Fruit snacks
Wednesday's Bentos: 
*Salami and cheese sandwiches on knot rolls
*Green grapes
*Mini chocolate stripe cookies
*Fruit snacks
Thursday's Bentos:
*Peanut butter and banana pinwheels
*Green grapes
*Cheese cubes
*3 marshmallow ice cream cone
Friday's Bentos:
It felt like Fall for like a day, then it went back to the 80's
*Turkey and cheese leaf sandwiches
*Cheese cubes
*Homemade mini chocolate chip muffins
*Homemade applesauce with fall leave sprinkles
~*~Have a good weekend!~*~

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