Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week in Bentos

Wow, I really sucked this week. I promise I will be better next week...maybe, we'll see.

Monday's Bentos:
*Leftover Spaghetti
*Diced peaches
*Caramel Corn
*Applesauce pouches
Tuesday's Bentos:
The minions had hot lunch. I'm a bad mom.
Wednesday's Bentos:
*Ravioli with Alfredo sauce and peas
*Veggie straws
*Apple slices
*Peanut butter
Thursday's Bentos:
*Christmas Tree peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
*Caramel Corn
*Cheese cubes
*Homemade applesauce with green sprinkles
Friday's Bentos:
This is why I suck. I didn't even get a picture of this lunch.
Not missing much though cause they were pathetic.
*Half a peanut butter and honey sandwich
*Veggie straws
*Fruit snacks
*Banana chocolate chip muffin from the freezer
~*~Hope your weekend was good~*~

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