Thursday, December 12, 2013

Week In Bentos

The weather started to warm up. It was in the 30s, which might not sound warm, but considering that is 60 degrees warmer than it was last week, that is a huge improvement (not joking!).

Here goes the lunches...

Monday's Bentos:
*Ham and cheese biscuit sandwiches
*Chocolate covered plums
*Veggie Straws
Tuesday's Bentos:
*Bacon and cheese sandwiches
*Apple chunks
*Chocolate covered plums
*Yogurt covered raisins
Wednesday's Bentos:
*Amish peanut butter and jelly gingerbread man and candy cane sandwiches
*Peaches (in white container)
*Chocolate covered plums
*Fruit Chillers
Thursday's Bentos:
*Mac & Cheese
*Veggie Straws
*Turkey pepperoni
*Fruit Chillers
Friday's Bentos:
*NutThin crackers
*Laughing cow cheese wedge
*Turkey pepperoni
*Banana chocolate chip muffin
*Homemade applesauce

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