Sunday, December 22, 2013

Week in Bentos

It has been a super long few months. I say that, and then realize Christmas is in like 3 days, HOLY CRAP!

All I really cared about this week is that the husband (D-A-D) finally came home. Scared the crap out of me outside of a store. Super surprised. The best part was, he made it home in time to see the minions at their Christmas concerts. To see their faces when they saw him in the audience was really freaking cool.

Monday's Bentos:
*Sugar Skull peanut butter sandwiches (Thanks for the molds Jenn!!)
*Homemade Almond Joy energy squares
*Fruit Chillers
Tuesday's Bentos:
*Morning Glory Muffins
*Slices of ham
*pomegranate seeds
*Annie's Cheddar Bunnies
Wednesday's Bentos:
*NutThin Crackers
*Laughing Cow cheese wedges
*Almond Joy energy bites
*Red grapes
Thursday's Bentos: 
*Pizza burritos (tortilla, pizza sauce, pepperoni and cheese)
*Red Grapes for Griddles
*Homemade applesauce for Griddles
*Black olives for Bubs
*pomegranate seeds for Bubs
Friday's Bentos: 
*Half of a chicken and white cheddar sandwich
*Red grapes for Griddles
*Black olives for Bubs
*Hardboiled egg without yolk
*Fruit Chillers
~*~Have a great weekend & Merry Christmas!!!~*~

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