Friday, February 6, 2015

Week in Bentos: Mash-up...more than a week

So this is a mash-up of sorts. This is obviously more than a week. However, there was a day or two that I neglected to take pictures of their lunches because they were...well...pathetic.
Bento #1:
*Mac & Cheese with Hot Dogs (in thermos)
*Veggie Straws
*Mandarin Oranges
Bento #2:
*Boursin cheese spread
*Mandarin oranges
Bento #3: 
*Fruit Snacks
*Tater tots
Bento #4: 
*Pizza pinwheel
*Green pepper slices
*PB&J bites
Bento #5: 
*PB & Nutella Sammies
*Mini yellow peppers
*Heart marshmallow
Bento #6: 
*Enchilada Mac & Cheese (thermos)
*Cinnamon Roll fish crackers
Bento #7: 
*String cheese bites
*Snap Peas with Ranch
~*~Have a great weekend!~*~

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