Friday, February 27, 2015

Despicable Bentos

Bento #1:
*Mini crackers
*Strawberry yogurt covered raisins
*Cauliflower w/ ranch
*Mini apple cinnamon donut
Bento #2: 
*Grilled chicken Cesar salad
*Rosemary roasted red potatoes
*Apple slices
Bento #3: 
*Turkey Chili
*Cheese and sour cream for chili
*Red grapes
Bento #4: 
*Turkey meatballs and gravy with rice
*Raspberry Lemon muffin
(the raspberries bled during baking and turned the flour green, not moldy, I promise!)
*Cheese slices
Bento #5 
*Homemade spaghetti o's
*Red grapes
*Heart marshmallow

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