Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friday's Lunch: No Name

This is my "Thank goodness it is Friday because I am really tired of this week" kind of lunch. I had a parent/teacher conference with Bubs' teacher, and he is really just an all around awesome kid. I mean, really what can I say, he is half of me, right? Ha!

His teacher said he is incredibly smart, bright, funny and doing amazing. So we decided to take him out to dinner. We haven't been out to eat since we changed his diet. Mainly because I was worried we wouldn't be able to find anything he could eat, but we did. We went to On the Border. He ordered for himself, a grilled chicken breast, black beans and a side salad. How cute.

In this bento:
School Snack:
*Annie's cocoa and vanilla bunny cookies
*Leftover grilled chicken from dinner
*Sweet mini yellow pepper
*Babybel cheese
*Enjoy Life gluten free chocolate cookie
After school snack:
*EnviroKids Crispy bar and frozen go-gurt

Packed in: 

School Snack:
*Shinkinger bento box
*Mickey Mouse oval bento, held closed with elastic band

Have a good weekend!

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